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5 Amendments to the UPMASA Constitution For Approval

The UPMASA Board of Governors (BOG) on January 22, 2022 Winter E-meeting approved 5 proposed amendments to the UPMASA Constitution and Bylaws.

1.     Approval of amendment to abolish Lifetime Membership Category.

2.     Approval of amendment to have the Assistant Treasurer be given membership to the BOG and Executive Committee.

3.     Approval of amendment to include the Personnel and Human Resources Committee and the Legacies Committee in our list of standing committees.

4.     Approval of amendment to add both Program Coordination Committee and Legacies Committee Chairs as members of the Finance Committee.

5.     Approval of amendment to create an Ad Hoc Committee on Elections to conduct Elections.

Please click here to read the proposed amendments to the UPMASA Constitution and Bylaws.

The members of UPMASA will decide on the ratification of these amendments during the Alumni Luncheon on July 5, 2022 at the 37th Annual Grand Convention in Boston, MA.


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