Adelaida Dalmacio-Cruz Endowment Fund

Adelaida Dalmacio-Cruz Endowment Fund


Support the Adelaida Dalmacio-Cruz Endowment Fund that will go towards Research and Public Health initiatives at the UP College of Medicine.  To donate more, change the appropriate Quantity. Thank you for your generous gift.

Dear Co-alumni & Friends,

Having lost Mama to the pandemic, we memorialize her through an endowment that seeks to raise $100,000 by December 29, 2021, the first anniversary of her passing.  Funds will be deposited with and invested by UPMASA-PEF.  Annual proceeds will benefit UPCM students and faculty in research and public health.  We hope you will join donors around the world who have contributed over $55,000 to the Adelaida Dalmacio Cruz Endowment Fund.

Sincere thanks from her children,

Chito, Raul, Rene, and Gina

Support Amount

100, 500, 1000

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