National Reserve Fund

National Reserve Fund


In 2023, we are embarking on a 10-year program of building a strong national reserve fund within our National Treasury.  We are seeking contributions towards building this National Reserve Fund for the operations of our organization.  This fund will enable us to maintain stability and sustainability in the face of unforeseen circumstances, and be able to respond to emergency  situations without resorting to time constrained fund-raising efforts.  It will ensure that our services and programs can continue to thrive for years to come.  By making certain that only a percentage drawdown of its earnings will be used, a donor ‘s legacy will live on in perpetuity.  Please be generous with your donation.  The following levels of donation are for your consideration:

DONOR LEVELS: Bronze: $500, Silver: $1000   Gold: $2500  Platinum: $5000  Benefactor:  $10,000 or more

Donor Level

Bronze $500, Silver $1000, Gold $2500, Platinum $5000, Benefactor $10,000

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