1 Operation SPARKle

1 Operation SPARKle


Help support Operation SPARKle to realize the mission and vision of the UP College of Medicine for leadership & excellence in community-oriented medical education directed to the underserved.

The goals are to enable documentation & archiving processes towards a more efficient & effective quality assurance system through digitalization hardware and archiving software and continuing the Learning Enhancement for Academic Programs by leveraging technology for a more progressive pedagogy.

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The University of the Philippines College of Medicine continues to be at the forefront of medical education in the country. With Dean Charlotte M. Chiong at the helm, the college has been guided by the Dean’s “INSPIRE” motto.  INfrastructure, Science and discovery, Partnerships for progress in health care, Innovation and leadership, Resource generation, Empower and embrace diversity, inclusiveness and sense of community.

During the past 3 years, despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the college was able to finish the 11-story Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, Medical Sciences Building.  It now provides a proper venue for our medical students to learn and be equipped to become the best physicians who will heal, in service of our countrymen. Aside from classrooms, pioneering laboratories such as the UP SIBOL, a medical innovation and invention laboratory, is also proudly established here.

As a wider push towards even greater heights in medical education, the UPCM also boasts the upgrade of its anatomy laboratory. It now has the capability of providing soft embalmed cadavers using the Thiel preservation technique. Our mortuary is also being renovated and upgraded finally after so many years. With an increasing capacity and improvements in the availability of cadavers, the college envisions itself as the premier cadaver dissection center in the country.

Dean Chiong would thus like to establish an advanced surgical simulation laboratory.

This laboratory will house at least 10-12 cadaver dissection stations each equipped with a microscope, endocamera-laparoscopic system, endoscopes, dissecting instruments, a drill system, a suction machine, and may even have a surgical navigation system eventually. This will be a center for our faculty, PGH residents, and medical students to learn, develop,  improve various surgical procedures, and improve patient safety.  It is also a place to get a headstart in learning laparoscopic, nasal sinus, skull base, and ear surgeries as well as other various procedures that UPCM students, faculty, and residents can benefit from practicing.

The last few years have proven that the collective ambition of the UPCM community — with its faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends — help give shape and purpose to the medical innovations and technologies of tomorrow. As the College directs its sails to new goals and expands its efforts in harnessing modern technology, UPCM also heralds an enormous opportunity to establish its flag at the cusp of highest standards of Philippine medical education.

To set these goals in motion, the UPCM needs your help. For now, we foresee that we will be needing at least Php 20M to jumpstart this program. We enjoin our alumni to help bring the College’s aspirations to life and to partner with us in this project to push the UPCM even further at the forefront of medical education. The UP College of Medicine is committed to usher a new era of advancement for the next generations of doctors — your support will direct significant resources to meet this mission.

Advanced flight simulators for pilots are integral in the training of pilots to ensure proficiency and safety in flying airplanes. Medical students must have access to medical training simulators too as we deal with the lives of people. The UPCM intends to provide for our students, faculty and residents of the PGH with the best “flight simulators” so that they can be the best physicians who will heal the Filipino people.

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