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UPMASAn for Fall 2022 is Dr. Jiji Torres from Southeast Chapter

Dr. Jiji Torres UPMASAn for Fall 2022

Dr. Zorayda “Jiji” J. Torres of the Southeast Chapter is a member of UPCM Class ’91.

She is an internist in Naples, Florida. After 20 years of practice as a primary care physician, she has found a new passion, Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a comprehensive approach in the evaluation and management of chronic diseases, focusing on identifying the root causes, and treating them from there. Thus there is great emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle, but may also look into hidden infections, toxicities, food and chemical sensitivities, hormones, and genetics.

Since 2015, she has been running a private consultation service that complements the care provided by conventional medicine practitioners for patients with frustrating chronic conditions. Among the most common ones are irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, various autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, obesity, post- and peri-menopausal syndromes, mood disorders, cognitive decline, etc. She feels blessed that Functional Medicine gave her a new set of tools to reduce the burden of illness in these patients who are chronically suffering.

Jiji is married to Frederick Torres, another member of UPCM ‘91. They have 2 daughters.


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