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AGC 2023

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Leadership and Excellence in Community-oriented Medical Education

Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Presented by the UPMASA Mental Health Taskforce

OstreaVent II Needs Your Help!

Developed by the team headed by Dr. Enrique Ostrea, Jr., this ventilator will benefit those in need at a fraction of the cost.

E-Book on Colorectal Diseases in the Philippines

2 Project Wasdin Sumya

‘Wasdin Sumya’ is a Kankanaey term that expresses words of blessings, positivity, and hopefulness for everyone to flourish, to succeed in their life’s journey, and to overcome whatever challenges and obstacles there may be. Project Wasdin Sumya is a campaign to advocate for mental health and well-being at UP Baguio community based on the framework of positive psychology. This project envisions a flourishing UPB community through the awareness and advocacy campaign on mental health and well-being, creative arts to engage the UPB community, accessibility of  information, distribution of publication materials both online and in print, psychoeducation programs to inform, educate and empower the UP Baguio community to become co-advocates of mental health and a Peer Advocacy Training Program to enjoin and empower students in this mental health advocacy.

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Click to view the UP Baguio Psychosocial Crisis Management Protocol (PCMP).

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